Ever Dream of Sponsoring a Team?

Now your dreams can come true! Support the KYSL by becoming a sponsor for the league. Check out the Sponsor page, download a form and send it into the league office.

And so it begins….

Now that that little tournament called the World Cup has come and past, it's time to gear up for REAL SOCCER. The 2014 KYSL season is underway! Everyone check the team schedules which have just been updated. Make sure you talk to your coaches about the new rules, snack schedules, what have you. And remember, this is first and foremost about the kids having fun playing this incredible sport. They will learn sportsmanship, they will learn to be athletes, they will learn to be fair and competitive. Let's make sure they have a great season.

Soccer Immersion

Just like anything else, the more you know, the better. Basketball players grow up wanting to be like LeBron ( or Mike in my day) and aspiring football players can watch the NFL Sunday Ticket to check out formations or watch Peyton Manning orchestrate a game winning drive.

Much the same, watching soccer will get your kids acclimated to the beauty of the game. Watching pros in the Premier League or the MLS, midfielders who control the game, defenders who play as much defense as offense in set plays and strikers who just have a nose for the getting the ball in the net. Watching these players, the movement and fluidity of the game can help kids understand the ball control concept of soccer that has so often been lacking in American soccer.

We are entering into a new age of sport and finally, this global game is available for everyone to watch. Take advantage!