At KYSL we offer Recreational soccer as well as Competitive soccer also known as Travel.

Recreational Vs. Competitive

Recreational is exactly that. Recreation soccer is geared towards teaching players the game of soccer, teamwork, good sportsmanship and of course to HAVE FUN! In all of our recreational teams, we do not keep actual score. U10 and younger games are held at Rafer Johnson Jr. High on Saturdays. U12 and older teams play on Saturdays in Hanford. You can look up your age groups schedule once the season has begun on the right side of this page.

Competitive (Travel) is meant for players who have more advanced skills of soccer and who wish to further those skills by playing teams at the same skill level throughout California. Players are required to Try Out and must be selected by the coach in order to play with the team. Try-outs are announced via flyers, our website and our Facebook page. This level of play does require a commitment from both the players and the parents because of the traveling to other cities in California.